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◎译  名 可爱的小东西/可爱的小家伙2
◎片  名 Cute Little Buggers
◎年  代 2017
◎产  地 英国
◎类  别 喜剧/恐怖
◎语  言 英语
◎字  幕 中英双字幕
◎IMDb评分 3.4/10 from 138 users
◎文件格式 x264 + aac
◎视频尺寸 1280 x 720
◎文件大小 1CD
◎片  长 99分钟
◎导  演 Tony Jopia
◎主  演 卡罗琳·莫罗 Caroline Munro
      Honey Holmes
      Dani Thompson
      Gary Martin
      库姆德·潘特 Kumud Pant
      萨拉·德 Sara Dee
      John R. Walker
      Steve Aaron-Sipple
      Mark Johnston
      Kristofer Dayne
      Sarah Bennett
      Johnny Shingleton
      Sidney Lee Berthier
      Dean Mitchell
      David G. Robinson

◎简  介

  From the Director of 'DEADTIME' and 'Crying Wolf' comes Cute Little Buggers! Will you let them take our women? It's Gremlins meets Hot Fuzz set in the English countryside. When hostile aliens crash land on local farmland the villagers at the summer ball get suspicious when young women start going missing. The villagers soon band together around our hero Melchoir to fend off the invaders and bring back peace to the sleepy English countryside! B-movie laughs in this creature feature from Director Tony Jopia.